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Executive Coaching Services to Meet Your Needs

  • Improving your leadership style - how you lead your team & the broader organization
  • Achieving your specific business and personal goals

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Improving Executive Leadership Style

Discover and put into action a relaxed, confident leadership style by following 3 steps:

1. Know your organization's needs

This executive development program starts with your organization's leadership needs:
  • What are the desired business results?
  • Where are the most significant changes from the
    status quo?
  • What kind of leadership is needed?
Even if you have exceptional market position, profits, products and first class people, what needs to change to maintain this position as the competition and environment move around you?

2. Be your natural best
What are your personal strengths and goals?
Leadership is personal, no matter how large the organization. Focusing on you as an individual, we develop an understanding of:

  • Your skills, abilities and preferences.
  • Your genuine style - attributes that distinguish
    you from others.
  • The parts of the business you are most
    passionate about.

3. Develop your leadership action plan

Once we understand your strengths and circumstances, we develop your personal leadership action plan. It maps out your role and how you deal with your leadership challenges:

  • It matches what you do well to the goals and constraints of your organization
  • It contains your leadership messages and strategies for expressing yourself.
  • And what you do... and don't do... as a leader.



Achieving Specific Business and Personal Goals

Design a customized coaching program to support your success. Here are some examples:

Building a Positive Culture

Are you being told that you're abrupt, long-winded, don't listen? Did your last 360 include list of improvements needed? How can you change your communication habits to build a more positive culture?


Managing for Growth

If your organization is growing from small to medium-sized or medium to large, what changes will you make to how you're leading your team? How will you coach the team to develop their skills?


Increasing Your Influence

A big part of your success depends on influencing people who are outside your formal authority - your peers, customers, suppliers, your boss and his/her peers and superiors. What communications strategies and techniques will build your influence?


Maximizing the Return on Your Skills

As you consider your next career move, how can you maximize the return (compensation and satisfaction) on your experience, knowledge and skills?


Acing Your Job Interviews

If you making a move inside or outside your organization and you're nervous or inexperienced about formal interviews, learn how to prepare and achieve rapport & credibility in interviews.


Oops - Recovering from a Mediocre Performance Review

Whether it's mistakes or misperceptions, you can understand the situation and then build & execute a recovery strategy.

If you ming a move inside or outside your organization,w can you

Connie McCandless

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