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You are in the spotlight . . .

You are important

Your words and actions influence everyone you work with.

A personal story ... as I was walking through the office one day, a senior partner of the firm I worked for at the time commented that I wasn't smiling. Taken aback, my quick reply was, "I'm between smiles". Really I was in my head, not taking the opportunity to connect with him and others as I walked by.

Powerful leaders are real people, not super-heroes. Effective leadership comes when you play your leadership role authentically - in character, rather than out of character. And accomplishment comes through positive relationships, compelling goals and dedicated action.

Simple to say, but not so easy to do. There are many distractions - multiple objectives, tough problems, day-to-day busyness. And expectations (your own and others) that you must do everything and be a super-human executive leader.

If you're operating in overdrive, it's hard to see your impact and almost impossible to hear the voices that may be suggesting changes.


Develop your full potential

Sometimes we can all use a little help.

An executive coach can support you in deciding what changes to make and then in taking your leadership skills to the next level.

You're likely smart and motivated or you won't be where you are today. You've been recognized with praise and promotions. In spite of that, you may be wondering . . .

  • Where has all my energy gone?
  • Why aren't people lining up with my agenda?
  • There must be a better way - what is it?

These questions relate to how you are feeling and how other people are responding to you. That's the key because relationships (and feelings) are the heart of leadership.

Candomore can help you improve your leadership style or solve specific problems. In addition, our special programs for introverted senior professionals and business leaders help them take their communication skills to the next level.

Connie McCandless (connie@candomore.com) or
(416-221-1966) for your free confidential discussion

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